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They say that it's only kinky the first time. Do you think that's true? I think that we are just going to have to find out. We went looking for things that were kinky and found a list of over 300 different things. If we decide to explore them all we are going to be awfully busy and I am going to be exhausted - but as long as we are all having a good time...

I'm ready to get started on this and plan to share all of these fetishes with you. I just happen to have a boyfriend who is a damned good photographer, so i am pretty sure that you will have a lot to see here. Decisions, decisions. What do we want to try first?

I've never done anything like this before. I am close to 40 and have never exposed myself to others like i am about to do here. Why am i doing this now? I guess i am just feeling adventurous. And I hope this is going to be fun for all of us - good, clean, KINKY fun.

                ~ Nicole

Here are just a couple of kinks that we are playing with -

New shoes

Messy watermelon

Wetter the better

The pictures are coming out great. Want to see what we are doing?

Take a look at our Kinky Fun page.

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